Saturday, May 09, 2009

Post 358

For some reason using the moleskine has been really cathartic during the past stressful few days. It's given me a chance to just do some stream of consciousness writing/drawing. It always helps me to do that, then I can leave the thoughts on the paper and out of my head.

I'm about to go finish day 6 of a six day grueling work-out week I'm putting myself through to see what kind of results it produces. So far it's been fantastic (except the day I nearly pulled a Martin Lawrence wearing neoprene and a hoodie into the 90 degree humid weather since I didn't get to work out at 5 a.m. like normal). I'm actually getting closer to my first target weight that I wanted to be for Heroes. With the cooler weather a few weeks back I wasn't thinking this would be possible, but the recent heat surge has my body actually wanting to lose weight, and not keep it on to fight the cold.

Haven't seen Star Trek yet, I'm taking my family for Mother's Day to see that. But if Twitter is right, nearly everyone else has seen it already!

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