Sunday, May 10, 2009

Post 359

Y'know, normally I don't put up my designs for project rooftop before things go up, but this is my alternate view using prismacolor. Did this quickly this morning and sent it in to add to my primary design (which is using ink and photoshop colors). But I'm claiming dibs on this design. This is MINE PEOPLE!!!

I was having tons of trouble with this one. The past few competitions have been insanely iconic characters who have had nearly every costume design under the sun, so you constantly run into just copying an already existing design, or doing a full re-imagining, which is frustrating to no end! But I guess that's the challenge! I nearly gave up yesterday, but thanks to my friends, both named Joe (Joe Keatinge, and Joe Eisma), they forced me to get my head on straight, and stop caring about all that other stuff, especially public opinion, and just go with what I WANTED. Such a simple thing, and I'm able to do it with everything else, but it's so hard to get into that mindset for Project Rooftop for me for some reason. I wanted to impress, and stand up with all the big name folks as a little guy...try and pull off an upset. But this time I stopped trying to compete, and just redesigned it for myself, and for the first time I'm really happy with it. Whether I get torn apart in crit on this, I really like it...I'll give you a's that I did it as if I were doing an Adidas design for him! Which just happens to be my favorite design aesthetic...the trefoil!!! If you even remotely know me, you know I'm insane for that design element. The head plate is for bashing in skulls. Wolverine seems like the kinda guy that uses his head as a weapon, and yeah...I know his head IS a weapon, it's adamantium as well, but I wanted to move away from the traditional mask, and into something more easily concealable within the general public.

Anyways, check back in a couple months (hahaha, I kid, I kid Dean) when the competition results go up to see if any of the judges actually liked my design...but I'm happy, and that's what counts!


Craig Zablo said...

Dude, that is one of the scariest designs out there. Talk about instilling fear into the hearts of evil-doers... oh, sorry, wrong hero.

It may not be Wolverine, but it is a cool design.

Joe Eisma said...

so great, man! that redesign rocks! i'm glad you stuck it out. i also dig the adidas design. it defintely gives him a unique vibe here.

stefan tosheff said...

dude, this is a great design. props