Thursday, April 07, 2011

Post 446

Sorry I've been away so long, I've tried various other outlets, but I just can't quit blogger! I have a Tumblr now as well, generally the same stuff I'll post here.

Other than that, still teaching, working on the odd-job here and there in comics. I just inked an issue of the Guild: Tink for Dark Horse with my friend Kristian Donaldson doing the great pencils!

But yeah, I should start posting here again, I think this is where I've been the most motivated. I'm not really sold on Tumblr's set-up, it's too insular and dependent on previously created content. Original content isn't really made for Tumblr as much. I'll still post there, but I'm more comfortable with this system.

Here's a step by step of how I generally work a sketch!

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Olipah Namutenda said...

Whoa!this is're clear and this piece.