Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post 196

BEHOLD!!! I finally got my sketchbooks from the printer! It's not set up on the online shop yet, but wow am I impressed with it. The quality came out great! 54 pages, perfect bound tpb-style with a glossy cardstock cover. Looks really professional. I'll tell you guys when they go up online, but I'll definitely have copies at Baltimore Comic Con if you're going!

Also, thanks for all the comments you guys posted on yesterday's post, I just did that Mr. Freeze pic and didn't expect any sort of I'm kind of floored by all the encouragement. Thank you Luan, Jake, Craig, Skottie, and Aris!!! You guys are the reason I keep working to get better!


samax said...

i really like your blog.
the book looks great!
i put it on the wishlist at indyPlanet (my wishlist is long, but i'm choosy!), so i'll cop that eventually!

see you around...

Devin said...

I picked your artbook up back in January from a chance trip to a Half Price Books in Dallas. I immediately shuffled it into my stack of comics, and while I can't remember what else I picked up then, I can't stop enjoying the awesomeness that is your sketchbook!

I was kinda' catalogue-ing my stuff comics today when I unearthed the artbook, found your blog on the back and just started reading posts backward, a la Memento. Fantastic fantastic stuff. I'm eternally grateful you put your tools of the trade in the back of your art book. I'm crazy interested in figuring out how to use brushes, and it's nice to have a laundry list of good tools on hand. I use that Fudegochi pen, but my supply that I brought back from Japan is running short.

Anyway, from a fellow artist and art teacher, keep up the great work! I can't rave enough about your stuff. If you find some time in your busy schedule, and want to check out a Paul Pope inspired comic/manga (manga in the Katsuhiro Otomo sense, not what manga's become), drop by here:

Thanks for being an inspiration, and keep up the phenomenal work.