Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post 197

To answer Matt's question, I don't have a lot of time right now to do the whole print screen and show step by step, but I will show the black and white version to show the difference before the colored version. I inked this with a combination of my kuretake pens and the Pentel brush pen: the Fudegokochi pen for cleaner lines, getting smoother edges on the face, the No. 13 for the majority of the scrappy line work such as at the nozzle of the freeze gun, and the pentel for large fill-ins.

I use col-erase blue for pencils and ink right on top, you may call that lazy if you're one of the folks that light boxes or transfers, but it's not like I'm selling this stuff, and even then, collectors can deal with the extra lines. Personally, I like to see the remains of the prelims sticking out. So anyway, I take the full pic, freshly scanned and change it to CMYK, this way, I can go to the channels in photoshop cs2 and manually delete everything from magenta on until I'm just left with the black channel. I'm sure there's a more scientific, sexy way to do it, but I knows what I knows because nobody ever taught me. Photoshop is all about teaching yourself or learning through viewing people over their shoulder to steal techniques, then getting home and realizing you forgot the majority of it and spending a week trying to get it right, only to get it right doing it a COMPLETELY different way. Again, I digress, at this point I change the file back to grayscale, and perform threshold to about 225. This way I don't have pesky grays that will mess with my magic wand tool. I then select out the white and delete it, leaving a top layer of just the line art. Then, it's just a matter of adding background colors, and selecting the portions of line art with the lasso tool you want to be a different color and using the fill option.

Now that I've said this, you'll all think to yourselves, "It's amazing this caveman can use photoshop, why hasn't he learned how to do things the right way?!?!" Shoot, I don't know, but it gets the job done!

Anyway, maybe sometime I'll do a step by step with pictures tutorial, but as I said, I'm just too lazy tonight. Maybe if you ask me at a con and bring a laptop with photoshop I can show you my methods.

P.S. What do you think of the BG color change? I personally like it, the black was too emo for me, I felt the warmth of the new color scheme represents me a little better. Though that's not to say I won't get tired of it and change it to something else...(my better judgment stopped me from making it blaring pink, but I like you guys, so I didn't do it...not to say I won't someday...).

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