Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Post 202

So, I decided to REALLY diversify my convention portfolio of sales material. I'm utilizing the idea my friend Kristian has done in the past with selling small paintings at conventions. The ones above are a little over 6X13 inches on matt board. I think I'll be doing 10 paintings to bring with me just because of space concerns in flying. If you know you're attending Baltimore and want to buy one e-mail me with what you'd like. It's pretty much going to be a bust painting, and we can talk pricing. BG is an application of printmaking ink to get a nice clean flat color treatment. They're fun for me to do, and a different way to get my voice heard and maybe even make a few extra duckets.

The last two images are my new business card. I still love the old ones, but I love making new business cards. They'll have nice rounded corners though, and the slickness that is the coating from . I should be getting the cards by the end of the week.


Jake Ekiss said...

I still think that card is hot. Did I tell you that I'm spot varnishing Iron Man on mine? We'll see how that turns out.

Evan said...

I really should try the spot varnishing next time, but with these vivid colors, I wanted to ensure general protection. Plus, I totally missed it in the process of putting my card together. They're all printed, just waiting for them to ship. It's funny how the longest part of the process is waiting for them to ship your cards!