Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 203

As you can see, I've done 6 more boards. I prepped a bunch more, but they'll be in a different format. I want to have a decent number to take with me to Baltimore. Pricing to be determined. But I'm having a ton of fun with these, I guess it's the simple things that I really enjoy. I really really love working by painting on matt board, I could do it all day.

Speaking of pricing, I noticed that nobody bought my sketchbook yet, and since that was thankfully the case I was able to edit the price online. You see, it takes a while to change things because you submit the price early on, so it was a while ago that I came up with that price, but I lowered it by 5 dollars to account for shipping and such. I feel more comfortable with that price-point. So $15 now!

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