Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 204

I had come to the realization that the person who inspired these was my watercolor professor in college. She had this midterm assignment when she knew you were going home for Spring Break and forced a reproduction of an artwork she thought your style would naturally go towards. She found artists that you would never think of finding and that way would give you a natural nudge. Some people got what we thought at the time were "easy" ones, but I think she understood that they wouldn't grow even with a kick in the rear. She gave me this extremely abstract one with a skeleton, and I had a "wtf" look on my face I guess, and she said to me, "just make it and we'll talk in a week." I did it, and it forced me WAAAAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. But just now I'm realizing she was right, and it's really a comfortable style for me.

I'm not doing any layouts or line work for construction, the whole process is a fluid movement. Working on multiples at a time I'm really drawn to this.

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