Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post 330

First, Happy Easter!!!

Secondly, here are some more sequential pages. I did these pages a little over a year ago, can't really say details, but I really wish things would have worked out, I still feel like they're really strong pages, and I was really inspired working on them. There are some storytelling devices I used on this that I still use now, they're kind of my "bread and butter" storytelling-wise.

But that's kind of it, you do these jobs and they don't always happen. Not because you didn't do a good job, just sometimes only one person may not feel you're bringing the proper vibe. You can't be mad about it, it's just business in the end. I just was really excited about it at the time. This has happened quite a few times over the years now, but I try and make it positive, so whatever I learn from any given project goes into my secret dream project.


samax said...

i like the banner, too!

Craig Zablo said...

Happy Easter.

I like the look of those pages.

Brent said...

these are looking amazing man.