Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post 368

It's funny, after going through the craziness of last week and passing with flying colors, any lesser degree of craziness just feels like a tickle! At this point, goal one is fun!

I'm looking forward to this weekend, going to see a bunch of movies. I'd like to see Star Trek again, taking my parents to see Night at the Museum 2, and then probably going with my brother to see Terminator. It'll be nice to have the 3 days and shorter work week...bonus!!!

Also, somebody e-mailed me about my last comment on Twitter, yeah, I meant it!!! Twitter was too tough for me to stomach. It can be used well, and some people use it REALLY well! I still read some people's updates, like Craig's, or David Atchison's. Those guys put in cool info that is really thoughtful and interesting, like art links, quotes, and movie updates. But for the most part I was missing the idea of an 'us' mentality, any form of reciprocation. Twitter is 'me me me', and with things like my blog, I try and give tips and insight on the artistic medium, as well as updates on things (which is usually directly tied to some form of my artistic production). But taking out the other stuff, the real interaction (people can't reply to yours if they don't follow you, really?!?!?!) then what's the point for me? I like my blog, and I might start updating Facebook more again, but I'd rather spend the time living life, or making more art than telling people about how "I found a new pillowcase, how cool is that?" or "look at what magical spice rub I put on my bbq?" or " I eat at THIS restaurant, how cool does THAT make me?!?!" All one's I've seen, and I don't want to let myself get even close to that annoying.

So yeah, still here for the long haul if you're still here with me!

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Craig Zablo said...


Yeah, all the "I woke up late... I had gas" nonsense was buggin' me too. But I do like the instant info and easy access to posting it. I'm gonna start filtering out some of my follows though.

I've got a Facebook page but have never really used it. I guess with my Stallone website, my blog, my DA page, twittering and checking out all the cool blogs out there I've got enough to keep me busy. LOL!

Gulp -- I just realized this response was all about ME, ME, ME, ME!