Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Post 370-An emotional rollercoaster...

Today you're getting a double post!! Why? Because that thing I mentioned finally happened, I had my first big interview thanks to Chris Arrant over at Newsarama!!!!!!

It's actually been a while since I did the interview, so I can't remember what all I said...hopefully all good!

I'll tell you, this has been easily the most emotionally charged day I've had in many years, going from something amazingly awesome like this, to a friend moving out of the blue, having a big group 'tears of joy' moment when one of my classes told me they'll miss my class and we all started getting nostalgic! A lot of other major revelations or equally intense moments happened today.

It's all good though, part of the ongoing story! So please check out the article, and welcome to anybody that is new to my work that is checking it out for the first time. Also, thank you to everyone who has already been coming here. You always know that I'm available for answering questions you have!

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Craig Zablo said...

Congrats Evan! Loved that you gave props to teaching.

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