Friday, May 22, 2009

Post 372

So, upon Craig's suggestion, I decided to re-examine my style a bit. What do you think Craig, is this along the lines of what you were thinking??? ;)

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Craig Zablo said...

LOL! Yep.

After your post and my response about art styles, how fickle fans can be. They [sometimes me included] discover an artist and fall in love with "their style". Then as they mature and their style changes, they [we] get upset.

Sometimes it's a cool ride. Bill Sienkiewicz was a Neal Adams clone when he started out. As the years went by his style continued to evolve. I enjoyed each new step.

Frank Miller is another. Loved his early DD work... Ronin was a change and I dug it... Dark Knight another step and still cool... Sin City I loved the most... and then the Dark Knight sequel which went a few steps too far out there for my taste.

Matt Wagner is another whose art is always developing.

I guess my long-winded point is, any artist who changes takes the chance of alienating fans. The upside is that he/she may gain new ones as well.

Most artists start out aping artists they are inspired by or creating art that is more likely to be accepted by the masses. Nothing wrong with that. But you, Evan, came out of the shoot with YOUR own style and made it work.

So, yeah, maybe a more traditional piece once in a while to draw a crowd and then dazzle 'em with your "real" stuff. LOL.